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Sharon Blott Psychological Services


Sharon has over 20 years of experience as a registered psychologist in Alberta. She values a high level of professionalism with a strong focus on ethics in her practice. Having worked for both public and private schools, Sharon has developed considerable expertise in assessing and diagnosing learning disabilities, ADHD, mild intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and giftedness.

Operating as a private practice since 2010
Approved provider capacity assessments
Strives to provide high quality and ethical service
Highly regarded in the community


Having worked for both public and private schools, Sharon is well-recognized for her consultation work for both schools and parents. 

She conducts assessments for children, teens as well as adults and specializes in assessments for both GATE and Westmount Charter School admissions. Sharon is well-recognized for her consultation work for both schools and parents. As the parent of two adult children who struggled with learning challenges and ADHD, she offers both a professional and personal approach in her work with families.

Sharon specializes in the assessment of:

Sharon has also provided services for:

Disability Related Employment Support Programs (DRES)
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program, psychological and vocational assessments
Contract to Siksika Board of Education and Foothills Creative Beginnings
Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) funding
Approved Provider for Capacity Assessments
AISH assessments on contract to Mandel and Associates for a period of eight years


Sharon has been a registered psychologist since March 2001. As a provisional psychologist (1998-2001), she worked for the Calgary Catholic School District and, once registered, obtained a position with the Calgary Board of Education, which she maintained for five years. She subsequently assumed the role of Manager of Assessment Services at Foothills Academy, a private school dedicated to the educational needs of students with learning disabilities. She resigned in 2010 so that her own children could attend school. She chose to establish a private practice in October 2010 to meet her clients' needs better. Long waiting lists for assessments, limited resources, and system politics left many families feeling frustrated and alone in their search for support for their children. As a parent with two grown daughters with special needs, including learning disabilities and ADHD, Sharon understands the difficulties families experience as they attempt to navigate the system. She brings both a personal and professional perspective to her work.

Since registration, she has consistently strived to provide a high-quality, ethical service. She adheres to the many guidelines and standards of practice set out by the College of Alberta Psychologists. She maintains continued competency in her practice by attending workshops and webinars, listening to podcasts, and reading current research. Her foremost guiding principle is respect for the dignity of persons. This is evident in all her interactions with clients, and she values their trust as she works with them and/or their children.

Her work is highly regarded in the community, and feedback about her comprehensive reports is consistently positive. She values diversity and works with families from many different cultural backgrounds.


Sarra is a registered psychologist (#5445) with a Master of Education in School and Applied Psychology. She completed her training at the Calgary Board of Education, allowing her to specialize in psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. Sarra has over 8 years of experience supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, ADHD, and developmental delays within multiple settings and programs. Her core values include integrity, honouring diversity, and professionalism. Using a strength-based approach, her mission is to help empower individuals to bridge the gap, reach their potential, and succeed.

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